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Let' Talk Best Practices, if not Principles, for Webinar Invites...

What if you are pitching Customer Experience and inviting others to an info(mercial) webinar?
Do these practices conform to CX principles?

  • The calendar entry email shall contain the synopsis of the webinar & presenter, to eliminate the attendee's need to search for the original invite email to add it.
  • The Reminder shall be set to 15 min (a norm/default), instead of None.
  • 'Add to calendar link', when clicked, shall quietly open the .ics file for an invitee to edit and save it to Calendar, instead of using an existing or new (worse) web page to download an .ics file.
  • The Subject shall not start w/'Live Online Webinar', 'Gotomeeting', '24x7', 'BrightDay', etc. which belongs to Location (no need for redundancy).
  • The Media Panel shall have two essential capabilities: Audio volume control and Progress indicator. Attendees will stay or leave depending on the value (not the loudness) of the presentation/content.
  • 'Add to calendar link' is offered in the registration (complete) page and then send another email for calendar entry, resulting in duplicate entries. A short code/script (as everybody claims analytics is a priority) could keep track and avoid waste.
  • Why can't we interpret user's registration as a permission to insert a calendar entry (automatically)?
  • Blah, blah, blah

Furthermore, do realize that, these days, many (or most) vendors rely on webinars to reach out to customers and prospects. It means we have a lot of webinar emails to handle. Pls give us a break!

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